IEEE-ICIT2019 Melbourne, Australia

List of approved special sessions

ss1: Z-Source Converters; Topologies, Modulation and Control Strategies, and their Applications
ss2: The Energy Storage Systems in Emerging Technologies
ss3: Security Hardening of Industrial IoT Systems
ss4: Advanced Control of High Power Converters for Sustainable Energy
ss5: Advanced Power Electronics for Power Quality in Distributed Power Systems
ss6: Advances in Data-Driven Process Monitoring and Control for Complex Industrial Systems
ss7: Robotics and Intelligent Sensing
ss8: Wireless Sensor Networks: Hardware/Software Design Aspects for Industry
ss9: Advanced Solutions for Communication in Cooperative Cyber Physical Systems
ss10: Industrial Wireless Networking
ss11: Grid-Connected Inverters for Renewable Energies Integration: Emerging Topologies, Control Techniques, and Applications
ss12: Distributed intelligent control technique for complex networking systems
ss13: Advanced Multilevel Converters with DC Capacitors: Modulation, Voltage Balancing, and Control Strategies
ss14: Multilevel Inverters; Applications, Reliability, Fault Diagnosis, and Post-Fault Operation
ss15: High Power Converters: Topologies, Modulation and Control Strategies, and their Applications
SS16 : Solid State Transformer: Design, Control and Impact on Future Distribution Grid
SS17: Fog Computing – Emerging Research Challenges and Strategies for Industrial Applications
SS18: Control of multiphase and special machines for hybrid and electric mobility
SS19: Smart City Applications Based On Internet Of Things
SS20: State-of-the-art Automotive Technologies
SS21: Transformerless Grid-connected PV Systems
SS22: DC Power Electronic and Microgrid  for Transportation Applications
SS23: Power Electronics for the More Electric Aircraft
SS24: Microgrids and their Monitoring and Control


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