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IEEE IES Students and Young Professionals Activity Committee
Activities Program for the Conferences


The IEEE IES Students and Young Professionals Activity Committee (S&YP-AC) would like to introduce a project of scientific and social Activities Program.

The offer is focused, but not limited to the IEEE Students and Young Professional (S&YP). Our support indirectly can help Supervisors, Mentors and Professors that would like to promote interesting work of their younger colleagues. Mentors can support their mentee not only by co-authoring scientific papers but also by advising them to join the IEEE IES to be able to attend IES conferences. The support can be divided into the following main point of cooperation:

A flagship program is:

The IES Student Paper and Travel Assistance (IES SPTA).

Since 2018, a new name of this type of support is implemented:
the IES S&YP Paper Assistance (IES-SYPA).

The rules generally remains the same but in addition, Young Professionals are supported. Moreover, the distance to the conference is going to be taken into account as one of the coefficient during the selection process.

The goal of the IES-SYPA is to financially support the travel for the IEEE IES S&YP to attend an IES conference. The number, rules and examples of 3 minutes videos of the IES-SYPA can be found at the IEEE IES Internet platforms [1]-[4].

To apply for the IES-SYPA, please go to the IES Manuscript Submission System (MSS) provided by the Chairman of supported conference. The list of the conference can be found at IEEE IES website [1]. Generally it is simple. If your paper will be accepted and if at least one co-author is an IEEE IES Student or YP Member, you will be able to apply for the assistance [1].

Important note: IES Students and Young Professionals’ from the IES Student & Young Professionals Forum (SF technical track in the MSS) have priority in the competition for IES-SYPA.

When SandYPs finally reach an IES conference, they may have an opportunity to take a part in:


S&YP scientific and social activities during the conference.

Generally, the conference Chairs with the IES are going to prepare the following activities, but please note that these may change closer to the conference date and depends on the conference. (Prior the conference all information should be available on the conference website and in the conference proceedings):

      • Student & Young Professionals Forum Day

According to the General Chair of the conference whiling and needs, the conference may offer:

  • A S&YP Tutorials and Industry Links like at the previous IECONs [5] or at the ISIEs [6].


Where Mentors and YPs from an Academia and from an Industry are trying to show the link between each other.

  • A S&YP Forum (IES-SF).


Where the S&YP presentations could be oral and/or poster and/or 3-minute talks. The form and timing of presentations is dependent on a conference. Here some competition is between scientists are planned. S&YP from this track have a priority in the IES-SYPA competition.

  • Student & Young Professionals Banquet.


During this Reception usually, IES Officers including the IES President distribute S&YP Forum Best Paper & Presentation Recognition diplomas, sponsored by IEEE IES.

After the scientific and social experiences, the IES-SYPA Awardees will have an opportunity to promote their projects additionally within:

The Conference Gala Dinner Day

IES S&YP Paper Assistance (IES-SYPA) 3 minute presentations with video (3Ms).

Timing and place of this event will be announced on the conference website and in the conference proceedings. At least two weeks prior the conference all supported S&YP by the IES-SYPA have to publish their project summary in the form of 3Ms on IEEE IES YouTube and Facebook [2]-[4].

  • Diplomas ceremony of the IES-SYPA.


Timing and place of the IES-SYPA ceremony will be announced on the conference website and in the conference proceedings. Usually the IES-SYPA diplomas are given to the S&YP during the Conference Gala Dinner by IES Official Representatives including IES President.

This is just a short massage for you to promote this idea between IES Members and IES Future Members. More details about the Student and Young Professionals activity can be found on the IEEE IES Internet platforms [1]-[3] or in Industrial Electronics Magazine. Some advice on how to prepare presentation (3-minute speech with three-minute video) can be found through this links [2]-[4].

  • Short version for CFP of an IEEE IES conferences.

This text should be added by all IES conferences supported by IES:

" IEEE IES Student and Young Professionals Activities Program
The program offers assistance, activities and opportunities for engineering students and young professionals (S&YP) to present their R&D work in Industrial Electronics, and to help them develop networking connections. See more information on IES electronics channels. "


How to apply for IEEE IES-SYPA


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