IEEE-ICIT2019 Melbourne, Australia

Hope you have started work on your presentation slides. Here is some logistical information for you to take note of.

Please take note of room your session will be taking place in and the timings as well. Each presentation is 20 minutes long including Q&A. It is important that you read the instructions listed below. Please do take your time to read through the list.

A few important reminders to ensure that your presentation goes smoothly


Please bring your PowerPoint presentation with you when you register. All speakers should present themselves to the registration desk at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled presentation time. Please upload your presentation in the Speakers’ Prep Room 201. Speakers are also requested to assemble in their session room 10 minutes before the commencement of the session if possible, to meet with their session chair and to familiarise themselves with the room and the audio-visual equipment.

We will have roving AV technicians available throughout the conference to assist with any AV questions you might have.

Speakers’ preparation room 201 is located on the Level 1, same level as the conference. You will be able to test and modify your presentation if required in the Media Room.

If you have any queries with regards to your presentation, please see Leishman Associates staff at the registration desk.  


Please do declare any conflict of interest you might have before you start your presentation. Please ensure that your presentation does not over run as it will affect the other sessions. There will be a chair in the session to keep time and ensure that you end on time. This would also be your responsibility.

If you have any doubts on your topic, please do contact me and I will get the program chair to answer any queries you might have.


There will be a question and answer session after each presentation. Please allocate 5-8mintues for this to take place.


We will provide as a standard at the conference, a data projector, screen, lectern and microphone and laser pointer with built in data projector remote, for all presenters. 


We will be preparing PowerPoint formats in a 16:9 aspect ratio (the other option is 4:3). Screen ratio is best suited to 16:9 ratios. If you are unsure about Aspect Ratios, please 



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